Notebooks and a Parcel.

 I have so much to show you, after a busy weekend of card making , but that can wait. I finished my last two note books for school. I need to order some more as they are going down really well.
When we do lots of one to one work and pupils are feeling low, we give them a note book to write stuff down in. I lkie to get them to write a couple of small positives a day in the front of the book and any negative stuff at the back ( to be torn out )

 I just use scraps of papper and a couple of charms to dress up the book and make it mnore personal.

 I bought some new stamps recently and they are perfect for a little note inside.

 When I can remember what make they are, I will pop it up here. They were very cheap though.

 LOOK what the postman brought me!! I was lucky enpough to win this on Rebecca Mcleans Blog.
Isn't she clever?

 I was a little worried opening it up.

 I just LOVE it!

 Its full of spooky pages.

I thought I might have a go but maybe instead of halloween, I might make a little box of Affirmations for my students. I will lety you see how i get on .

I'll post my card making later in the week.

Soojay xx


  1. Pretty notebooks Sue.
    Love your parcel - isn't it fab.
    Toni xx

  2. Book of affirmations for your students sound lovely :) x

  3. The notebooks are fab and love your parcel!

  4. Gorgeous Sue, as always <3 xxx


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