Craft Fair Results

I am such a twit, I forgot to take photos!! 
Anyway it was an awful morning - in fact it is still bitterly cold and still snowing!
I set off ( without satnav ) to the middle of nowhere- Sorry but i don't think I have EVER been to Syleham before and its only about 7 miles away. (there's no phone signal there).
I was amazed that I found it easily enough and other people had turned out too.
I sold about £20 worth of items ( most were about £1 - £2.50 ) So I was quite pleased as I wasn't expecting to sell much at all. 
Well, that's my first one done- I need more variety and maybe different prices- a few bigger projects/gifts. 
A few people asked if I had an Etsy Store - I used to but have recently found Folksy to list things made in the uk. Here is a link to my store Soojay
There are only a couple of cards in it at the mo though.

Soojay xx


  1. Good for you Sue - the only one I ever did, I came home out of pocketsafter taking the table cost into account :( Good fun though all the same - can you tell, my glass is always half full :)) Hugs, Di xx

  2. Fab stuff, you make so many nice things :) I've got one in a couple of weeks, hope the sun comes out!


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