Sencond post today - Sympathy Cards this time.

 I hate having to make sympathy cards and I am never happy with them . Anyway this technique is new for me . I bought the new Craft stamper yesterday and the little flower stamp came free with it. I love these seed flower head type stamps.
 There is a new (to me) technique in the mag for making the background . You pick flower heads and leaves from the garden and run them though you die cutting machine between two pieces of card. Then you peel off the bits of swished flowers/leaves and leave to dry . Mine is a bit of a mess and I ought to 
have thought more about placement. Instead of stamping script alone the edge ( as in the article ) I used some other flower stamps .
Anyway it was fun and as the card is for Derek's aunt and he is happy with it , thats all that matters.

The same stamp with a stamped swirly background and some silver glitter glue on the seed heads.

Soojay xx


  1. What an interesting technique-looks great!!

  2. I love the first card.You've beaten me to trying that technique and I think you've got a great result with it.I love the glittery bits you've put at the top of the stamp.


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