Not much chance of scrapping but...

I have made this banner/hanging decoration thingy. The instructions are HERE not my idea. One word of warning, don't make them without glue ( as i did!) as it falls apart as soon as you hang it! LOL . You only need a tiny spot of glue and it makes all the difference :)
I do feel that there ought to be a tassel hanging off the bottom, so will get to that tomorrow just before i have to tidy away all my crafty things for Christmas. MY craft room IS really our dinning room! ;)

I will probably update my other blog with a few photos over the next few days but I doubt I will make anything else before Christmas, so .. Have a GREAT Christmas!!

Soojay xx


  1. Hi Sue
    Just popping by and I absolutely love your hanging - such pretty papers. My craft room is our dining room too and I have to clear up my mess every day so we can use it.

  2. Love the hanging.It's gorgeous!


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