I'm Back

This was one of my favorite kits of the weekend..those papers are GORGEOUS!

So pretty.
I just Happened to notice the name "Dan" on the background paper and thought'd i'd have a quick read to see if there were any other names i recognized.....
There were! I highlighted the names of my children with a small amount of glossy accents.

How amazing is that?!

Another reason why I love this paper..I have used it before but never realized that the children's names were on there.

On our desk when we arrived, there was a kit in a bag for us to use. We were allowed to use die cutting etc, black or white paper or ink and glue and thats about it. Here is mine..it wasn't quite finished but I have added another flower since i got home and is now done.

This was also done after getting home with some of the left over papers from a couple of kits.

I only have my tin and ACT cards to up load now..i will save that for later in the week.

Soojay xx


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