Chicken soup Recipe No 13

Not sure how good the photos are as its got dark now :(
The Recipe is Here I Love this one!
I could happily use it over and over again.

I bought 6 packs of those yummy prima roses a while ago ( actually my fab sister Steph bought them for me as i was probably broke at the time!)

The lace and Gorg ribbon are all from a local material shop.

Really REALLY old rub on glitter letters with a bit of extra stickles added.
Well that's the lot for now coz its Sat night and we will have Chinese,casualty (programme - not real thing!) and a DVD to watch .000 and a small bottle of cider......LOVE lazy Saturday nights :)

Soojay xx


  1. beautiful soo, all of it - layout, photo, dress and daughter!

  2. Beautiful, pretty lo, pretty dress and very pretty daughter xxx


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