First from Ginger - thanks Darling!

I need to pass it on to 7 others:
Heres my list of Fab blogs to visit:

Jane - who can turn anything into a work of art. I am in awe.

Val - a lovely but slightly mad woman who adores Christmas.

Jackie - Gorgeous Layouts

Karen - Who must also get the award for most prolific scrapper!

Sarah - My almost sister :)

Suzanne - unbelievably talented

Suzanne s - who has the biggest heart and a fab blog

The Second was from
Karen A lovely lady with a fab blog. Thanks Karen, I do miss Wyverstone!

There are 5 conditions that come with this award:

1.) That I thank the person who gave me my award! - Done

2.) That the receiver places it on their blog - Done

3.) Receiver lists 3 things about themselves

I have always been addicted to stationary/paper and blame my mum who used to clean in an office and sometimes bring me note pads home to draw on.
I love and cry at all Romantic films - i always want a happy ending.
I am an optimist and MUST find good in even the darkest situation - i have no choice.

4.) Receiver posts a picture that they love.Done
I was about 19 yrs old when this was taken (1979) Me and Mum.

5. Tag 5 people:Done

Nets is first - my wonderful, kind, talented sis her cards are fab on her blog but not a patch on what they look like IRL

Debbie - I have no words to describe this amazing woman - just go see !

Ginger - has one of the best jobs i can think of and such a busy life as well as being so talented.

Lousette - another great blog. Fab cards and Gorg Layouts

Clare - another of my very fav scrappers

ohh that was hard - if i had the time , my blog list would go on and on :)

Right the next Chicken soup challenge is up and my holiday is slipping away , so time to scrap!

Soojay xx


  1. Thank you so much sweetie xxxx

    and right back at ya!

  2. Oh that made me smile. Thank you so much honey!

    Love you

  3. Thanks Sue :) - so utterly sweet of you to think of me. Made my day xx

  4. Wow - Sue - my first ever blog award - you are SOOO lovely! Totally made my day! :)


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