Little bit more

Crafting that is , although no where near enough! Had to clear out utility room today ( two trips to skip!)
I am making book marks to go with cards as thank you's. I have used Magnolia stamps andalmost finished painting with H2o's I have until Thrus morning to get them done but am out Tues and Weds night as well as working all day!!

Another card . 3 or 4 to go!

Soojay xx


  1. Oooh the writing on that sentiment stamp is gorgeous. I've missed you. Is this a stonking new blog?

  2. They're Verve stamps Boo and they are gorgeous. I wish the exchange rate were betterer xx

  3. Oh pricey eh? Not surprised as they are super gorgeous. PM me a link nevertheless though please Nets on you know where! Bless you darling. Is our Soo busy?


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