About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog, I do hope you have been inspired in some way.

I have always been "arty" and love nothing more than to make something. I find it very therapeutic.

Okay here goes ( feel free to nod off)
I have been married to Derek for 32 years.
We have four children :
Cavell - who died from leukemia in 1990 

All of my children have learning difficulties and between them :
 OCD, ADHD, Touretts, Diabetes, dyspraxia, ASD and nocturnal epilepsy.
Our's is NOT a quiet house!! 
Having said that I do believe that the worst is over - we survived the education system , We spent months (probably) in hospitals/medical centers etc. We are now experts in "Us" :)

I live in East Anglia but was born in Liverpool  although you would never guess it to speak to me as I don't have a scouse accent. I still have lots of family in Liverpool and LOVE to hear them talk .
Both my parents have died -Mum 14 yrs ago -suddenly from a brain hemorrhage and dad more recently from a stomach aneurysm.
I am the eldest of four girls, my sister Steph died in 2012 from mouth cancer just before her 50th birthday.
We are all still struggling to deal with this.
My other two sisters are both crafty and Annette has her own blog "Very Muckyfingers"
We are all very close and try to spend as much time together as possible.
We Love attending retreats together -little sis even attended ATDML  with us.

I started blogging in 2006 - that blog is still running but is more family stuff
I have designed for ScrapaGoGo ,Whimsical Wednesday's,SweetPeaStampers, Twisted Card Sketches, Dilly Beans and Scrapology and have guested on ATDML and Chicken soup. 

I have never sent anything in for publication or entered any competitions ( just too lazy!! ) ha ha
Hope you are still awake

 Love Sue xx


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