Saturday, 25 September 2010

Chicken soup Recipe No 13

Not sure how good the photos are as its got dark now :(
The Recipe is Here I Love this one!
I could happily use it over and over again.

I bought 6 packs of those yummy prima roses a while ago ( actually my fab sister Steph bought them for me as i was probably broke at the time!)

The lace and Gorg ribbon are all from a local material shop.

Really REALLY old rub on glitter letters with a bit of extra stickles added.
Well that's the lot for now coz its Sat night and we will have Chinese,casualty (programme - not real thing!) and a DVD to watch .000 and a small bottle of cider......LOVE lazy Saturday nights :)

Soojay xx

Two down

three (or four) to go !! Challenges that is. This one is from my Uk scrappers Team pre bonanza challenge.

A close up of the leaves that are all stamped and embossed on either card or vellum.

This one is for the Thursday Sketch on the Design Dollies blog .

A close up of the vellum flowers- again stamped and cut out.

Half way though the Chicken Soup Challenge for this week and I have two weeks twisted sketches and a pencil lines sketch to do. Not sure I will get it all done this weekend as I am out tomorrow!

Soojay xx

Friday, 24 September 2010

Catching up

I had planned on doing this last weekend but ran out of time. This is from a sketch challenge on my UK Scrappers team thread.

I will hopefully get chance to do a few more over the weekend. But.............................I am going to Ally Pally on Sunday :) :) To shop for supplies.

Soojay xx

Monday, 20 September 2010

Chicken Soup No 12

Finished last night - just realized theres no patterned paper - unless you count the journaling spot. A painted doily ( It was blue with cupcakes all over it), Stamped boarder, ribbon and lace.

Letters and numbers cut with trusty slice and glossy accents and liquid pearls to highlight.

Ohh and a little bit of bling :)
Chicken Soup Challenge for this week can be found HERE.

Soojay xx

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Managed one layout so far !

Pencil Lines Sketch for this week. Completed in just over an hour last night . I am trying to make myself scrap faster other wise i never get anything done!

I really would like to do at least three more this weekend but have to go out this morning :(
Will try when i get back.

Soojay xx

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Last post today

Sorry Rubbish light now :( Last one today - didn't manage the four that i wanted to do but this is the twisted Sketch Challenge for this week.

The twist was fabric anyway any how.

Here's my silky flower .
I have just realised that I have "done" Megan in all my layout's today- will try to "do" someone/something else next time! AND the butterflies are back ....tut tut!

Soojay xx

Two down

This weeks Chicken Soup Challenge. Not my fav layout but there you go.

I used wax from an Encaustic Art set I bought years ago and dripped hot wax directly onto the page.
Megan did some for her GCSE art homework over the holidays. She only burnt herself once!

Even the butterflies are punched from the left over bits of the photo mat.

One of Four

Layout that i want to get done to day :D I gave myself one hour to do this and managed it by the skin of my teeth. This is a challenge for my team on UK Scrappers. I also want to do the twisted sketch and Chicken soup and if i get time the dollies sketch -> -> links to all challenges in my sidebar.
I Do have to Iron ,cook,bake and tidy as well-ohh and now off for my daily walk.
Hopefully be back later with more to show you .

Soojay xx

Sunday, 5 September 2010

A few Cards

recipe No 10 from the Chicken Soupers HERE A card for a change but i may still get chance to do a layout - So much inspiration and so little time!

Great way to use up little bits- some papers are just too nice to not use up every scrap.

I downloaded Kristy's lovely card kit Here to make these two cards. I Love the "skirt" and printed it onto frosted vellum, then while the ink was still wet, poured clear embossing powder over it to emboss with the heat gun. You COULD use a glittery powder or even change the colour of the butterflies by using a contrasting colour. I used stickles glitter glue for a bit more sparkle- you can't have enough sparkle!
Here is the purple version - i love that dotty paper!

A little close up of those pretty butterflies.
I do believe i have used butterflies on 90% of my creations lately and challenge myself to try a few projects WITHOUT a butterfly LOL.
Have a great Sunday.

Soojay xx

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Two layouts to share.

This first one was done AGES ago as part of a scrap lift challenge that my team on UK Scrappers were taking part in. It has now finished so I can show you . I was second in line so i received an image of the team leaders layout, scrap lifted and then passed on only my version to the next person. It was fun to see how it changed completely by the time we finished.

This is another challenge from my team leader on UK scrappers. We had a sketch to work from this week.

I was inspired by Keisha's fab layouts recently using the same paper to decorate and create 3D effects. I wanted to do this with my title.

A simple layout with lots of colour.

Soojay xx

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pencil Lines Sketch 202

I haven't done a pencil lines challenge for AGES!! The sketch is HERE .
Some more of Dans School Wales trip photos. Unfortunately I don't have any for this year yet as the CD they gave me was blank. Hopefully they will send me another when school back.

Not much in the way of 3D- just glossy accents on the "dots"

Soojay xx