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Happy New Year !!

My journaling didn't last long last year - mostly because I was having to print and decorate the pages first. So this year I got myself a Planner just to fill in. Fingers crossed.
 I already had the pens and stamps from last year.
 I ordered myself a planner for my business too - to help focus and plan for the year. 
One of my lovely Christmas presents this year - too true!!
 I love long Chunky Necklaces and have seen quite a few about recently. This one is Amethyst.
 Not SO chunky but GORGEOUS colours of Jasper.
 A more delicate sterling silver and Moonstone Necklace.
 Back to long a chunky - Jasper with matching earrings ( halfway though a bracelet to match too)

 More Jasper - this time in a honey/Lemony colour.
 Clear Quartz and Amethyst earrings.
Fancy Jasper macrame bracelet.  You will see more of these soon.
Sue xx

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