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Ohhh Dear!

I seem to have failed at keeping the blog up to date, I have not been very successful with the planner either - good job I didn't spend a small fortune on the binder as I have wanted to!! I have still been creating - even paper crafting - making the emergency card or so. The "grape" earring were quite popular  and I made a few variations.
 I had a go at creating a wedding hair comb with pearls and crystals.
 I ADORE pearls and made a could of "bubble" style bracelets.
 And Opals - Yummm
 Amethyst and Pearl earrings.
 Not even sure what this is - was just playing.
 Fluorite "twirl" earrings.
 Multi Gem long Necklace.
 My personal Fav.
 A couple of crocheted necklaces with acrylic and glass beads.
I will try hard to be back sooner . Soojay xx

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