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I have not joined in for AGES with the WOYWW posts but I got an unexpected day off work today due to the heating not working at school - thankfully there are no pupils in today and hopefully we will have heat tomorrow. Anyway , back to my poor desk- not a lot happening creatively here. I did just make a pair of earrings with some opals and the ring ( close up below) . The small black book is to contain all the challenges ( or photos of challenges ) from the 64 million artists ( see last blog post for links) and the larger black one is my 2018 journal - an old Filofax that I have printed out new pages for . The paperwork to the LHS is to be completed on behalf of my daughter asap. She has learning difficulties and needs lots of support so i was totally amazed that I have been able to get her a very small job at the school where I work cleaning for a couple of hours a night. It is pretty unique as her boss used to be her teaching assistant when she was at school ( a different smaller …

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