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Not much Better !

At keeping my blog updated!! Sorry. I have been ill with a sore throat and even took time off work -something I rarely do . Of course now I am back at work, there never seems to be enough time to do all the things I want to. I managed to join in a bit with the monthly ATDML facebook cyber crop at the weekend and created the two pages below- I still have another half done.  I didn't have the kits , so just used my own stash. This is Natalie at Felixstowe earlier in the year - just before the Summer.
 I just followed the fab instructions - links can be found in the ATDML blog .
 Some of my fav colours at the moment.
 This is Trebah Gardens in Cornwall - one of my very fav places to go . The Hydrangeas are truly amazing and right at the bottom of the garden , there is a beach too.

I used photographs cut out as embellishments.  I am still making jewellery - need loads made for a craft fair in a month or two time. These are Sterling Silver and reconstituted turquoise.
These are Rhonad…

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